Grubb Preservation Foundation

About Us

The Grubb Preservation Foundation was created for the purpose of acquiring and holding land for conservation purposes, including restoring land to its natural beauty, holding land for environmental purposes, maintaining historic properties and setting aside space for public enjoyment.  Currently, the Foundation holds two distinctive properties; the Grubb Family Preserve in Churchland, NC and the historic Lloyd Presbyterian Cemetery in Charlotte, NC.  

The Grubb Preservation Foundation is a North Carolina non-profit corporation in accordance with Sections 55A-8-2a and 55A-8-23 of the North Carolina Non-Profit Corporation Act.  The Foundation commenced upon the donation by Morrison Place, LLC of a 2.2 acre real estate parcel in the South Park area of Charlotte, NC, in 2004.   The Foundation also received approximately a 94 acre real estate parcel from Churchland LLC in 2008.  Both sites are open to the public. 

The Grubb Preservation Foundation operates primarily from its offices in Lexington, NC and Charlotte, NC.  Please see the contact page for address.  The Foundation is currently managed by R. Gordon Grubb, George T. Grubb, and W. Clay Grubb, who are decendants of Henry Clay Grubb, Sr., who acquired the land for his homestead and the Grubb Cemetery.